4lb. MDL Sweet Pear Block Deer Lick

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Introducing the Mighty Deer Lick 4 lb. Sweet Pear Block—a game-changer in the world of wildlife nutrition. Crafted with precision and backed by science, this pocket-sized block is a must-have for any deer enthusiast looking to optimize herd health and antler growth.

Irresistible Flavor: Imagine the allure of fresh, natural pear, expertly blended into every bite. Made with food-grade ingredients, this block is not just attractive to deer; it’s downright irresistible.

Essential Nutrients: Packed with essential minerals including salt, monocalcium, dicalcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate, this block delivers a powerhouse of nutrition. Plus, with added vitamin A and D supplements, it ensures your herd thrives year-round.

Optimal Ratio: Achieving the perfect 1 to 1 calcium-phosphorus ratio is crucial for superior antler growth and overall herd health. Our Sweet Pear Block nails this balance, promoting robust antlers and supporting doe lactation.

Long-lasting: This 4 lb. block is designed for durability, ensuring a lasting supply of essential minerals. Its enticing flavor keeps deer coming back for more, establishing a reliable mineral site for consistent supplementation.

Easy to Use: Simply place the block in your desired location and let nature do the rest. Its compact size makes it perfect for establishing multiple mineral sites, attracting deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and other wildlife.

Quality Assurance: Proudly made in the USA, each block is crafted to the highest standards, ensuring premium quality and performance.

Upgrade your wildlife management game with the Mighty Deer Lick 4 lb. Sweet Pear Block. It’s not just a supplement; it’s a game-changer for your herd’s health and vitality.


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